I am a woman,

Proudly Strong Black Woman,

A bouquet of beauty,

And Spring of Knowledge.


Knowledge of the past and the future

See, I know the ancient and the modern

I am good at the horn and the telephone

I can make sound magic with both of them

Because I am a woman, proudly Strong Black Woman.


Do not be deceived by my sharp intonation

Brother, my small, soft, silk fingers should not blind you

See, these my feminine fingers will out race your masculine hands

They will outpace you on a White man’s keyboard

I tell you I am a lioness with these Western machines

Because I am a woman, proudly Strong Black Woman


My womanly hands are a blend of tough and tender

See they were shaped by the hoe and the heat of a kitchen pot

But they can still sooth a baby to sleep

Now you know I can handle the soft click of the mouse

Yet I can still score with the heavy duty camera

For technology came with no gender label

The change from the West was neither male nor female

It was simply adoptable, so I adopted

Because I am a woman, proudly Strong Black Woman.


Written by Watsemba Miriam @WOUGNET.









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4 years ago

hhmmmmm yes Strong black woman, am nodding my head real good. Point taken.

4 years ago
Reply to  Douglas

Haa haaaa 😂😂